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Cabling and Wireless Connectivity

There are many advantages to choosing structured wiring over traditional wiring in your home or place of businesses. Structured wiring offers endless possibilities for wiring network components and devices in addition to the possibility of having a managed wireless connection throughout your premises.

Slam Systems creates Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems that allow homeowners to completely control video, audio, security systems, internet, phone systems, lighting, and more through a single, centralized touch panel or keypad. Imagine being able to play a video in one room of the house and watch it simultaneously in all of the other rooms. Think about the ease of placing security cameras throughout your home, indoors and out, and monitoring digital footage from any TV or computer in your network.

The possibility to have a very good wireless connection in every corner of  your home or business with seamless roaming and no disconnection.

Businesses are also able to take advantage of these Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems’ benefits. Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems allow for complete control of most sub-systems in a home or office, from one universal control.

Room To Grow

A structured cabling installation comes with a generous bandwidth allocation, so it’s able to cope well with emerging applications and technologies requiring high-speed connections. This high bandwidth is also a cushion against future growth, ensuring connectivity for your home or  your business expands over time or divests into new technological areas and equipment.

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