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Fully Integrated Installation

Slam Systems is pioneering new technologies and strategies to assist in the war against organized retail crime (ORC). ORC refers to groups, gangs and sometimes individuals who are engaged in illegally obtaining retail merchandise through both theft and fraud in substantial quantities as part of a criminal enterprise. The losses are substantial and are ultimately absorbed by you and I, the consumer.

Slam systems works closely with various CCTV manufacturers and software development partners to create solution that will fit your needs. Whether you are a small retail store or a retail chain, we can help you improve customers experience and we can also help with the profit protection.

Some of the solution we can offer:

  • Facial Recognition / Profiling (Age, Gender)
  • People Counting and Heat Mapping
  • Queue Management and Traffic Flow
  • Integrating the Post of Sales into the Video Surveillance System
  • Sales Conversion Rate
  • Automated Reporting
  • Loitering and Intrusion Detection
  • ANPR
  • System Design

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